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This page describes the mastodon.social instance - wondering what Mastodon is? Check out joinmastodon.org instead! In essence, Mastodon is a decentralized, open source social network. This is just one part of the network, run by the main developers of the project It is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!

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Radio Wok3n @wok3n

#nowplayingLow Class Conspiracy by QuasimotoSource: https://hue.merkoba.com:8765/wok3n

Florencio @Florencio

Aguante TCM y sus películas viejas jaja

Florencio @Florencio

La unica que me gustaría ver hoy por hoy es la de Punisher, lo demás me resbala

کالیوه @kalive

بنده اگه یک درصد سرکلاس توجه می‌کردم به گفته‌های استاد یا اصلاً حضور می‌داشتم انقدر امشب سخت و زجرآور نمی‌شد؛ امّا راضیم و باریکلا بهم که بیشتر از یه شب حاضر نیستم این کسشرات رو تحمل کنم😌

Ian Sharman @idsharman

I watched The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit (aka The Chauvinist Cut) so you don't have to. All 42 minutes of it. It's an incomprehensible mess that removes all emotional resonance from the original, leaving little more than a glorified dick waving contest between a load of pathetic man babies.

Kurt Mosiejczuk @kurtm

I put up with folks replying on top. I get it. I'll do it when forced to use Outlook. But I don't like it and don't do it on any decent mail client.Just got a response to my reply from a faculty member:"Thanks for the reply, but there wasn't any text with it?"😡 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Florencio @Florencio

Con ésto quiero decir que no ví, Sopranos, Lost, Breaking bad y la lista sigue, y aca me ven mas fresco que una lechuga

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Pawoo(パウー)はピクシブが運営するMastodonのインスタンス(サーバー)です。 「創作活動や自由なコミュニケーションを楽しめる場」として、どなたにも幅広く使っていただけます。

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#架空国家優女国 170922 災害派遣専門部隊を創設。優女防衛軍から完全に分離した陸上航空保安庁(仮称)を設置し、災害派遣は防衛軍の任務から外すことで過度の軍隊崇拝を無くす。そして防衛軍の人員削減、効率化、機械化、自動化を推進する【架空】架空国家

うぴぴんぴ @un_ba_bo


地風霜❄️ @fox_zz


⚠警戒情報:地震・津波・火山・台風 @Wn00Japan

【噴火に関する火山観測報】[04:12]▼火山:桜島(南岳山頂火口)▼日時:2018-01-16 04:03▼現象:爆発(今年4回目)(気象庁)https://www.mk-mode.com/rails/jmaxml_list/lst_kazan_kansoku

うぴぴんぴ @un_ba_bo


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Welcome to the Fediverse ! Mastodon.cloud is a free and open instance for people from everywhere ! You can create your account if you agree with our rules : - Racism, xenophobia, homophobia are strictly prohibited. - Lolicon, immoral and indecent child pics are strictly prohibited. - NSFW is allowed only in Content Warning. - Gory, bloody and violent pictures only in Content Warning. - Don't be a troll, Don't be a bully. - Don't be a jerk, please. - You can report every post you judge offensive. - We are in the cloud but respect your own country law. Thanks to : All Contributors, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare and StickerMule. Patreon support are welcome !

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friends.nico その他 日本のみ





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保登マリンビュー✅ @marinfrsan


68‮‭‮✅ょ ゙ιぅょ美 @mod_d_d


えあは゛る @CHIK_WUV


きりぼっと @kiri_bot01

@iksg :@iksg:<「神絵師です、自発くださいフォロバしません。デブは男のお前らちっさ。俺ん家の住所ばらすなって。#自発くださいフォロバしません。みんなこんどうようぢのメイク動画見てjp民どこじゃ!。」#きりものまね #きりぼっと

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Mastodon.host is a general, fast, stable and open instance. We federate with everyone. We offer one of the most complete federated timeline thanks to @federationbot. This instance is lightly moderated in general, common sense applied. That said, read the rules below :) What sets mastodon.host appart? As a general instance, we are not centered on a specific theme, or a specific language. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the few rules we have. We always run the latest stable version of Mastodon, providing you a stock experience, with the following modifications: 1024 character limit (not 500). 512 character limits for the account's bio (not 160). full column width (not fixed size). more search results (20 instead of 5 per type of search). full text search of statuses (not restricted to searching tags and users). boosts and replies are shown in the timelines (more complete view for everyone). Your mastodon.host account is also a XMPP account (Federated Instant Messaging, take a look online to find a client and use your mastodon.host username and password to configure it). Woohoo! two services in one! We also have a very good view of the federation (our federated timeline gives you a more broad view of the Mastodon network than a 'normal' instance, there's a lot to read in a lot of languages). You can help hosting the server by donating a few cpu cycles ( mining cryptocurrency ). For the moment, it does not run on smartphones. Check your preferences ! Although we are a medium+ sized instance, we'd like to keep the feeling that you are at home and safe here. Never hesitate to contact the admin team if you have any questions! Please read the FAQ below or at https://mastodon.host/about/more to get started. What are the instance's rules? No illegal stuff, harassment, discrimination, xenophobia, threats or any behavior that is not appropriate to a friend will be tolerated here. This is a safe place for everyone. Respect your fellow users. Use the mute or block feature if you don't want to see what a specific user posts. We will act on our users'reports, but will ban from our instance only problematic situations or when our users can't do it themselves/needs us to protect them. We suggest that you first block the persons you don't want to see. If that situation degenerates, contact us and we'll deal with it. Moderation is a last resort action, as you, the user have the power to block/silence anyone or any instance you want. Content warnings are required if you are posting content that is erotic, pornographic, gory, etc. This applies to text, pictures, and videos. If you would not open that picture/video in front of your boss/spouse/kids, use the content warning feature. That way individual users will see the content warning, and decide for themselves if they want to click and view the content you have shared. Anything that is illegal in Europe/USA shall not be posted on this server. Lolicons, for example, are illegal. Please use common sense. Don't do illegal stuff, don't discriminate, don't be racist, etc... If you see content that violates our rules, please use the report feature, or notify an administrator. Do not engage with users who are being rude or inappropriate. If you don't want to see someone's contributions, you can block/silence that user and report to us. We'll deal with it. We try to post in English so everyone understands, but that rule is not enforced at all ;) Most importantly have fun and be nice to each other! Regarding bots: Bots are allowed as long as their main posts are done 'unlisted' (not displayed on the timelines). You are allowed to advertise your bot on the timelines a couple times a week. Any bot not respecting those rules will be silenced by default. We just want to prevent having a bot monopolizing the timeline. Thanks for your understanding. What is this instance's privacy policy? We will never share your data with anyone, except if a valid legal request is received (Hopefully it will not happen). Who are the admins? This instance is hosted/admin by @gled and moderated by @House_of_Pears and @skiring Shoutouts Big thanks to @WeAreAllOne for being the first to donate to support the server costs! Thank you Ann for the support and the message :) Thank you Nikki for the paypal donation :)

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kabuki @kabuki

@Jellal Geez, and that while it is even such a 'royal' name ...

Hobbit Habit @Hobbit_Habit

St. Gallen, Switzerland (not a shithole): https://mastodon.host/media/7amj6gNFFJnpw9VXu_E

ISF Euskadi @ISFEuskadi

Badator Donostiako Lankidetza Sarrera ikastaroa!📢📢📚Ikastaroaren planteamendua Giza Garapena eta Garapenerako Lankidetzari buruzko oinarrizko elementuak eskaintzea, eta dauden desberdintasunen (baita generoarena ere) eta bai hegoaldean bai iparraldean ditugun arazoen inguruan kontzientzia kritikoa sorraraztea da.👫Ikastaroa garapenerako lankidetzari buruzko oinarrizko ezagutzak eskuratu nahi dituen formakuntza ezberdineko pertsona orori dago zabalik. Ikasketa teknikoak egiten ari diren eta beraien Gradu edota Master Amaierako Lana garapenerako lankidetzako proiektu batean egin nahi duten ikasleentzat, bereziki interesgarriak izan daitezkeen saioak izango dira.📆X. edizio hau otsailaren 2etik martxoaren 23rarte burutuko dugu, ostiral arratsaldeetan.👉Informazio gehiago: https://euskadi.isf.es/ikastaroa/?lang=eu https://mastodon.host/media/_GoPfNgRCh2jHfPopIw#Donostia

ISF Euskadi @ISFEuskadi

¡Ya viene el curso de introducción a la cooperación de Donostia!📢📢📚A través de este curso, el planteamiento es brindar elementos básicos sobre el Desarrollo Humano y la Cooperación al Desarrollo, y generar una conciencia crítica sobre el panorama de desigualdades existentes (incluida la desigualdad de género) y las problemáticas tanto en los países del llamado Sur Global como el Norte Global. 👫El curso está dirigido a personas de cualquier formación interesadas en adquirir conocimientos básicos relacionados con la cooperación al desarrollo, e incluirá sesiones de especial interés para estudiantes de carreras técnicas que pretendan realizar su Trabajo Fin de Grado o Trabajo Fin de Máster en proyectos de cooperación para el desarrollo.📆Esta edición se llevará a cabo desde el 2 de febrero al 23 de marzo, durante las tardes de los viernes.👉Más información e inscripciones en: https://euskadi.isf.es/ikastaroa/ https://mastodon.host/media/AjZSnmqdz1KJ3MN8kiw#Donostia


@ninjawedding isn't there a crate to automaatically link rust and c?


@ninjawedding yeah containers is OS-specific at the moment


@ninjawedding didn't firejail autoate all that?

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Generalistic and moderated instance. All opinions are welcome, but hate speeches are prohibited. Users who don't respect rules will be silenced or suspended, depending on the violation severity.

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Steve12L 🐧🕵️ @Steve12L

Hommage : Steelheart - Eileen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IfiLehLFJw&list=PLaC1ywKS7MyIlmqEQDpUEKFMFX5iNfhsD&index=6 #Eileen #DoloresORiordan #RIP #Cranberries #Soundcheck

Colunadoc @Colunadoc

J'ai mis 1h chez l'orthodontiste pour voir le gars. Il s'avère donc que mon appareil de contention est cassé >.< Ce truc qui me fait chier depuis plusieurs mois, pas étonnant ! u.uBref, je vais encore devoir investir des sous là-dedans (quand je dit "je" je parle de mes parents... #etudiantepasencoreautonome) comme si ça suffisait pas de l'avoir fait pendant 5 ans (4e --> Tle) 😖

Leia @mrtino

fuck off https://mastodon.xyz/media/FxWVpzyDWYj3UqSvHXU

0118 999 881 999 119 7253 @girafarig_4am

Uf, empezaron a pasar maratón de Cranberries en la Aspen

Steve12L 🐧🕵️ @Steve12L

The Cranberries - Analyse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaBWlBknNgs&index=12&list=PLQqVQNe7uORDhEbLVlGaRG2h6YUF6KM0_ #Soundcheck #RIP

Steve12L 🐧🕵️ @Steve12L

Tiens Tonton ZéZé ( @ByZegut@twitter.com ) a reprit l'info/lien que je lui ai donné sur Twitter à propos de Dolorès O'Riordan. J'aurai préféré lui transmette des infos plus positives...

0118 999 881 999 119 7253 @girafarig_4am

Iba a escribir esto de alguna forma menos machista, pero me dije "a la mierda, todavía falta gente que me bloquee en Mastodon".

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Allene @arlowrey

Sad to hear that Dolores O'Riordan has passed. The Cranberries first two albums were among the best of the 90s.

Tobikapunkt @Tobikapunkt


Siphonay @Siphonay

oh hey it's the kind of mood where I just want to eat forever

slicedlime @slicedlime

We're finally off that ball of ice - can you stop nagging about temperature now, SAM? Also, we appear to have picked up the scent of an Ark. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/218641710

Siphonay @Siphonay

I posted a link of an article about dolores o'riordan's death on a chatroom with friends and one of them just made a joke about one of their songs and when I say I didn't think it was funny he just replied that "we" grew numb of artists death and I don't have the willpower to explain to him that he's being insensitive and that he should not project this feeling onto others so i just deleted the links and my messages talking about that

pzmyers 🦑 @pzmyers

The *real* Little Mermaid.https://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2018/01/15/the-opposite-of-disneyfied/ https://octodon.social/media/oKtoxuVRDUmDEYqfNIM

A.I.✨‮✨‭ @ailispaw


9位 mstdn.io
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Fast, secure and up-to-date instance, welcoming everyone around the world. Join us! 🌍 Up since 04/04/2017. ✅

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User Count (mstdn.io) @usercount

5,299 accounts +1 in the last day+18 in the last week

User Count (mstdn.io) @usercount

5,299 accounts +1 in the last day+18 in the last week

Wonderfall @wonderfall

La saison 2 de The Crown confirme bien qu'elle est pour moi une véritable petite perle de Netflix.Pour être, comme la majorité des personnes en dehors du RU, assez désintéressé de la monarchie britannique, je dois avouer que cette série m'a étonné de par sa qualité et de par son drame hypnotisant.

Von ㊙️ @von

ReTOR var le FOOtur#UnFilmDeDev(Pardon il est dégueu...)

Von ㊙️ @von

Sublime text créature#UnFilmDeDev

House Targaryen その他 日本のみ




social.targaryen.house is one of several mastodon instances in the fediverse. It aims to be an alternative choice. Our motto is: Fire and Blood!

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Lynn @BorderLynn

RT @BlackMarvelGirl@twitter.com: If you think the story about Aziz Ansari is just a "bad date" then you literally don't understand how complex rape and sexual assault can be. If a person is repeatedly telling and giving you indications they do not want to have sex w/ you, then you should stop & not try anything

xataz 🖕 @xataz

Des experts en SQL ici.J'ai une table avec une liste d'item dedans genre :ID - Name1 - item12 - item23 - item3Et une autre table avec seulement les ID, qui sont dépendant de ces mêmes item, genre :ID_item - ID_depends1 - 21 - 33 - 12 - 3Je cherche a récupérer directement l'information en :Name_item - Name_item_dependsitem1 - item2item1 - item3item3 - item1item2 - item3Mais franchement le SQl c'est loin, vous auriez une idée de comment faire ?

Rah'tol Samok 🖖 @ralokt

I started listening to DnB at 1.5x speed recently and really enjoy it, wtf is wrong with me XD

xataz 🖕 @xataz

Je viens d'apprendre qu'on est le "blue monday", sois le jour le plus déprimant de l'année.

xataz 🖕 @xataz

J'en ai marre aujourd'hui, je ferme un ticket, et mon stocke a augmenté de 5 tickets.C'est chiant, ça donne pas l'impression d'avancer

Rah'tol Samok 🖖 @ralokt

I'd like to draw attention to this:https://www.gofundme.com/elfies-legal-name-changeAlso, if you have a credit card and are planning to donate, I'd love to myself, but don't have one - would pay you back IRL or via bank transfer.

天使K太郎 @artfront_ky


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